Invest in America

Credit unions in Delaware and throughout the United States have partnered with American automakers for more affordable vehicles and financing. These exclusive credit union member discounts have provided low cost consumer loans and a must needed boost for domestic auto sales.

www.lovemycreditunion.orgThrough a credit union loan partnership with General Motors the “Invest in America program” gives 90 million credit union members across the country access to GM’s “Credit Union Member Discount Program,” as well as access to affordable credit union financing on new vehicle purchases.

The Invest in America program encompasses over 3,600 credit unions nationwide and makes available more than $80 billion in credit union low-cost auto loans for new vehicle purchases. This discount is in addition to most existing cash incentives that dealers offer on their vehicles.

Credit Union Members Receive Even More Discounts On Products And Services Through The Invest in America Program.

In addition to the GM new vehicle discounts the Invest in America program also offers discounts to credit union members on

Contact your credit union to see if they are participating in the Invest in America Program.