Science Center Singapore

Singapore just keeps on giving more. Apart from the picture-perfect architecture and their seamless public transport system, it is also home to one of Asia’s most exquisite and complete science center. This only proves that the country truly gives its visitors more reasons to re-visit.

The Science Center features a vast and diverse showcase of the wonders of science and technology particularly in the fields of applied science, physics, biology, and technology. It was built way back in 1977 and has since expanded its exhibits since then. Year after year, there are improvements to the center that makes the visitor’s experience more memorable each time. For instance, as early as 1987, the center already has its own IMAX dome where documentaries and films on nature, space, and culture are being shown.

Another not to miss destination when visiting the Science Center is their very own Snow City, where visitors can literally ski in their man-made snow slope and tube. For a mostly tropical country, Singapore’s Science Center truly proves that science and technology can do wonders such as bringing the snow experience to Southeast Asia.

Since Science Centers are particularly popular among schools, they now feature a Kid Stop, which is dedicated to provide fun and interactive learning for kids as young as two years old to eight years old.

This the Science Center kidsstop is so huge, they now have various tour packages depending on the visitors’ needs and goals. This means that you do not have to be in a large group in order to be fully accommodated here. Whether you are just passing by the Center while touring the city, or have really dedicated a day for a scientific learning experience, the Science Center has got you covered. You can drop by for few hours or even have a two-day tour, whatever your schedule permits.

There are different admission rates for the types of venue that you plan to visit. For the most popular destination, the Snow City, a standard rate of $18 per hour applies for both kids and adults. The Omni Theatre experience costs $14 dollar visit. If you want a more inclusive package, make sure to arrange with the Science Center office ahead, since they are frequently handling large group visits. The Center is estimated to receive one million visitors per year.

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