Some Places of Interest in Singapore

Singapore is a perfect destination for many tourists around the world, with its almost perfect environment, advanced technology, very efficient public transport system and very low crime rate.  There is no doubt why many people flock to this tiny, but very rich island state in Southeast Asia.

Planning a trip to Singapore?

Good and you are on for a very enjoyable and fulfilled trip to one of the cleanest and safest destination on earth.  To help you achieve a memorable travel to Singapore, allow me to highlight some of the places of interest in the area.

  1. Sentosa – a small island connected by a bridge and lately a boardwalk from the mainland, houses many resorts, 5 star hotels and of course the newest theme park in the region, The Universal Studios.  If you want to enjoy the famous Sentosa Beach, or you want to try your luck in a casino in Singapore, this is the place for you.  You can just board a bus from the opposite side of the island near vivo city or just board a tramp from within vivo city.
  2. Marina Bay Area- Marina Bay is a very interesting place to be, much more in the afternoon until the early evening. Stroll around the bay area, just in front of the famous marina bay sands hotel.  There you can also see the many skyscrapers in the central business district.
  3. Orchard Road- if you are a shopping addict, heed for the famous orchard road, where you can find the best shopping malls and houses the display center for famous and luxury brands I the apparel and women’s bags and garments. If you want to go there with a crowd, be there on Sundays, as it is also the meeting places of most foreign workers, during weekends.  If you prefer away from a crowd, geed to the place on weekdays.
  4. Chinese Garden – If you are with a family and want to grasp a feeling of nature and a bit of Chinese culture, heed to this place. Just board a bus going to Jurong East or take the MRT going to boon lay, it will bring you there.
  5. Boat Quay – This place is just near marina bay area and just by the river. This is just a walk away from the business district.  This place I filled up usually at night from mostly employees from nearby offices and establishments, who enjoy dining by the river on board their small boats.  The boat will not go away, as it is only tied by the side.
  6. Singapore flyer- the longest observatory wheel in the world today, is breath taking experience.  Enjoy watching Singapore from above and be ready for the moment of non-stop picture taking.
  7. East Coast- for those who love to walk around, bike, skateboarding and camping by the sea, this is the place is perfect for you. Here you will see hundreds of foreign cargo vessels on anchorage, a testament of Singapore being the busiest port in the region.
  8. The Butterfly Garden – Indulge yourself in the beauty of different species of butterflies inside the butterfly garden.
  9. Universal Studio- Well, everybody wouldn’t want to miss this only famous theme park in Southeast Asia.
  10. Bugis Night Market- This is the place to enjoy shopping for cheap gift items to bring back home. Here you will experience rubbing elbows with the locals and foreigners alike.  It’s just a narrow area, but, will give you a enjoyable experience.
  11. China town- Another place to experience a bit of Chinese culture and also a place to shop for cheap gift items to bring home.
  12. Little India- Just a good place to pass by and experience what it is to be in India.


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