10/30: Managing & Measuring Your Reputation Risk

Interest rate risk, credit risk, concentration risk, liquidity risk…the examiners make sure we are aware of and managing these risks. They all pertain to the widget we produce – our loan. Speaking of widgets – our accounting measures are steeped in the manufacturing era. It’s all about the quality of the output – the loan.

Now that we are in full swing in the information era – how are you managing and measuring your risk to reputation? We’ve never really had to worry about this. When we were a closed field of membership, we had a pretty good pulse on how we were perceived by our sponsor. If your credit union is a multiple SEG or community charter, your reputation risk might be bigger than you could ever imagine. Tune in to hear how!

Speaker Denise Wymore began her career in credit unions over 30 years ago. She started as a teller of a $14 million government employee’s credit union in Portland, Oregon and moved up and around the organizational chart for the next 20 years at various credit unions and served as VP for both the Credit Union Association of Oregon and New Mexico.

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10/28: Data Loss Prevention

Protecting the Credit Union’s most valuable assets – Member Information – is at the forefront of today’s financial institutions. If Member information is compromised, what impact will that data breach have on the Credit Union’s CAMEL rating?? This presentation focuses on how a well-defined Data Loss Prevention solution will protect a credit union from a disastrous data breach. Learn the CAMEL rating impact of a data breach and how it’s impacted other financial institutions. We’ll discuss tips, best practices and methodologies including the latest technologies and mobile devices.

Speaker: David Griffiths has worked in the financial services & insurance industries for over 25 years. David has a strong background working with Credit Unions, Leagues and Regulators on insurance related topics and their impact on financial institutions. This background provides Mr. Griffiths with a clear understanding of the unique needs of financial institutions benefits & insurance needs.

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10/23: Telephone Skills

How the times have changed, to say the least is an understatement, especially when it comes to technology. One technological change is the telephone. From old time party lines, to today’s cell phones, and smart phones, the technology is quite different. Despite the difference, telephones still do the same thing. That is, they allow two people to communicate.

During this Quickbite, participants will learn skills to be successful, efficient and effective when using the telephone.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Pros And Cons Of The Telephone;
  • Words And Phrases To Avoid;
  • Don’t Pick Up The Phone Until;
  • The Incoming Call;
  • Taking Control Of A Call;
  • The Outgoing Call;
  • Problems Using The Phone;
  • How And Not What;
  • Understanding The Picture;
  • The Importance Of Courtesy; and
  • Texting – Do I Or Don’t I?

Speaker: John Baptista, Jr.’s experience combines over 37 years in the financial industry, including 32 years in management, and over three decades as a trainer and consultant. His lifetime of customer relations and ‘real world’ experiences, provide a new learning dimension to each of his programs and training seminars. He is an alumnus of the University Of Southern California and the University of San Diego.

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10/21: Director and Officer Liability

This Quickbite prepares the director and officer for their legal responsibilities in the roles they play at the credit union. Presenter John Porter will identify potential liabilities directors and officers face under Federal and State law including FIRREA. The goal is to provide the audience with ways that directors and officers can minimize potential liability.

What you will learn:

  • Laws that govern credit unions;
  • CU Charter/Articles of Incorporation;
  • CU Bylaws/Code of Regulations;
  • General Director/Officer responsibilities;
  • Preservation of records;
  • Potential liabilities/top reasons Directors/Officers get sued;
  • Duties a Director/Officer owes a credit union;
  • Common law, statutory and federal law (including Financial Institution Reform Recovery and Enforcement Act);
  • Recommendations to justify Board action against breach of fiduciary duty and FIRREA claims;
  • Minimum procedures when dealing with third party providers;
  • Checklist: Board actions that must be taken; and
  • Case law.

Speaker: John Porter is a Partner of Consumer Collections who manages the Credit Union Group of Weltman Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA. John’s focus on credit union representation allows him to advise credit unions on various collection, compliance and legal matters.

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10/15: TC: Let’s find Ways to Make Loans – Not Turn Them Down  **2 Hours**

It is easy to take a loan application from a member and pick it apart and find ways to turn it down. However, credit unions would soon find themselves in a serious earnings crisis if this were the norm. Utilizing prudent underwriting practices, having an appropriate mix of loan products and hiring the right loan officers go a long way to helping credit unions find ways to make loans.

This telecourse addresses:

  • Opportunities for CUs in the marketplace;
  • Product mix;
  • Retail loan sales;
  • Underwriting;
  • Hiring the loan officer – who?
  • Who are our borrowers? and
  • Who can our borrowers be?

Speaker: Rick Menton is the president of Menton Consulting, Inc., Tulsa, Oklahoma. His consulting practice focuses on providing credit unions with project management assistance, executive recruitment, strategic management and planning facilitation and seminar and workshop presentations.

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10/09: Successful CU Survey Tips

Participants will learn how to effectively conduct member surveys to obtain feedback to help guide the credit union’s decision making and marketing strategies. They will also learn about the various demographic, marketing, member loyalty and other factors affecting credit unions. The information will allow them to anticipate trends, discover how they apply to their credit union, and best position the credit union to attract more of their members’ financial business.

Speaker: Jon Haller, Director of Market Research at CUNA, Jon is responsible for administration of the Credit Union Member Survey and Corporate Research units, business development, and directing CUNA’s National Member Survey project.

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10/07: Vendor Management

This presentation will establish the importance of vendor management and describe what credit unions must do to meet NCUA expectations. We will also discuss whether credit unions should outsource vendor management or attempt to handle the vendor management function in-house. Importantly, we will address which contracts are “covered,” how to perform a risk assessment, and what to do with it. We will also consider how requesting vendor contracts up-front in the request for proposal stage can actually increase a credit union’s leverage during the negotiation process. Finally, we will discuss tips and tricks to make due diligence over service providers easier.

Speaker: Dan Loritz received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics and graduated with honors from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). He graduated from Loyola Law School as a Dean’s Scholar. Dan is a frequent speaker at Credit Union industry events concerning legal and compliance topics and is the author of numerous publications.

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10/02: Mortgage Related Regulatory Issues

Tune in for this session where our speaker will cover:

  • Ability to Repay Rule and Qualified Mortgage Rule;
  • Loan Officer Compensation;
  • Qualified Residential Mortgage (Different from Qualified Mortgage Rule); and
  • GFE/TIL Rule Changes.

Speaker: Wallace Jones has over 25 years in the mortgage business working as a mortgage loan officer, a construction loan officer, an appraiser for residential mortgages, and serving as a branch manager. He has written several articles for Credit Union periodicals and is often asked to speak at CUREN and credit union league functions.
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 9/30: TC Account Administration- AM only OSL    **2 Hours**

This seminar will focus on certain aspects of share account administration that cause confusion – particularly, setting up accounts that involve fiduciaries and handling the accounts of deceased members. The discussion will cover credit union forms, as well as documents brought in by third parties. BYO forms: Have your credit union’s account agreement with you for reference.

Topics will include:

  • Documenting new accounts;
  • Knowing your account terms;
  • Joint account issues;
  • Dealing with representative payees, trustees, and other fiduciaries;
  • Deceased members’ accounts;
  • Dealing with persons claiming funds; and
  • Dealing with various documents that may be presented.

Speaker: Carol Bertoux is Associate General Counsel for the Illinois Credit Union League. Her responsibilities include assisting the general counsel and chief operating officer of the League in general legal matters on behalf of League and its affiliates. She also analyzes state and federal laws, rules and regulations that affect credit unions, and provides assistance and advice to retained counsel representing credit unions. In addition, Bertoux provides legal, regulatory and technical input for the League’s legislative program.

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9/24: Effective Loan Reviews

An effective loan review program is essential to the credit risk management practices of successful credit unions. Effective loan review activities are risk-focused, and ensure that credit unions are appropriately identifying and monitoring risks inherent in their loan portfolios. This course will discuss developing risk-focused loan review programs, key loan review activities and procedures, and best practices in loan review reporting.

Speaker: Nick Hahn is a Certified Public Accountant dedicated to working with McGladrey’s Financial Institutions industry group. Nicholas has over eight years of public accounting experience working specifically with commercial and community financial institutions, both privately- and publicly-held. Nicholas specializes in providing assurance and advisory and risk management consulting services, including external financial statement audit and/or review, internal audit, external loan review and interest rate risk and asset/liability management.

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 9/18: How to Motivate Others

An effective supervisor is really a leader; someone who knows where they are going and how to bring others with them. Rick Olson is a master motivator. He has helped credit unions from coast to coast develop highly productive sales and service cultures. And he is ready to present ideas to you that will help you to motivate your entire staff.

In this training session you will learn:

  • the number one reason employees stay loyal;
  • how to train empowered employees;
  • why and how to give your best time to your best employees;
  • how to destroy NETMA (nobody ever tells me anything); and
  • how to become an effective coach.

Speaker: Rick Olson has been vitally connected to the credit union world for the past 15 years. He has authored two STAR modules, is the past host of America’s Credit Union Conference, and is the instructor for CUNA’s World Class Service Leadership Institute. He has worked with scores of credit unions helping them develop healthy work cultures focused on effective sales and world class service. He is the founder of the Coaching College, which gives managers and leaders the skills they need to effectively coach their employees. He hosts an annual CEO retreat and conducts numerous strategic planning sessions and staff training events. He has made credit union presentations in 46 states.

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