9/30: TC Account Administration- AM only OSL    **2 Hours**

This seminar will focus on certain aspects of share account administration that cause confusion – particularly, setting up accounts that involve fiduciaries and handling the accounts of deceased members. The discussion will cover credit union forms, as well as documents brought in by third parties. BYO forms: Have your credit union’s account agreement with you for reference.

Topics will include:

  • Documenting new accounts;
  • Knowing your account terms;
  • Joint account issues;
  • Dealing with representative payees, trustees, and other fiduciaries;
  • Deceased members’ accounts;
  • Dealing with persons claiming funds; and
  • Dealing with various documents that may be presented.

Speaker: Carol Bertoux is Associate General Counsel for the Illinois Credit Union League. Her responsibilities include assisting the general counsel and chief operating officer of the League in general legal matters on behalf of League and its affiliates. She also analyzes state and federal laws, rules and regulations that affect credit unions, and provides assistance and advice to retained counsel representing credit unions. In addition, Bertoux provides legal, regulatory and technical input for the League’s legislative program.

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9/24: Effective Loan Reviews

An effective loan review program is essential to the credit risk management practices of successful credit unions. Effective loan review activities are risk-focused, and ensure that credit unions are appropriately identifying and monitoring risks inherent in their loan portfolios. This course will discuss developing risk-focused loan review programs, key loan review activities and procedures, and best practices in loan review reporting.

Speaker: Nick Hahn is a Certified Public Accountant dedicated to working with McGladrey’s Financial Institutions industry group. Nicholas has over eight years of public accounting experience working specifically with commercial and community financial institutions, both privately- and publicly-held. Nicholas specializes in providing assurance and advisory and risk management consulting services, including external financial statement audit and/or review, internal audit, external loan review and interest rate risk and asset/liability management.

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 9/18: How to Motivate Others

An effective supervisor is really a leader; someone who knows where they are going and how to bring others with them. Rick Olson is a master motivator. He has helped credit unions from coast to coast develop highly productive sales and service cultures. And he is ready to present ideas to you that will help you to motivate your entire staff.

In this training session you will learn:

  • the number one reason employees stay loyal;
  • how to train empowered employees;
  • why and how to give your best time to your best employees;
  • how to destroy NETMA (nobody ever tells me anything); and
  • how to become an effective coach.

Speaker: Rick Olson has been vitally connected to the credit union world for the past 15 years. He has authored two STAR modules, is the past host of America’s Credit Union Conference, and is the instructor for CUNA’s World Class Service Leadership Institute. He has worked with scores of credit unions helping them develop healthy work cultures focused on effective sales and world class service. He is the founder of the Coaching College, which gives managers and leaders the skills they need to effectively coach their employees. He hosts an annual CEO retreat and conducts numerous strategic planning sessions and staff training events. He has made credit union presentations in 46 states.

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9/16: The Regulations of Social Marketing

Facebook has guidelines that must be followed as business pages. Soon the FFIEC could require all financial institutions to incorporate seven key components into a social media risk management program. Is your credit union prepared with the right strategies, policies, procedures and metrics? Learn how you can not only get ahead of the curve, but increase the effectiveness of your social media presence and better manage the risks associated with it.

Speaker: Jonathan Fuhrman specializes in developing and executing marketing solutions that deliver measurable results for his clients. At CU Solutions Group, an affiliate of the Michigan Credit Union League, he delivered cutting edge social media strategies to credit unions. He also led the first social media efforts of the CU Difference Campaign, winning an Award of Excellence from the International Association of Business Communicators and Bronze Award from the Marketing Association of Credit Unions. He currently serves as a Senior Marketing Communication Specialist at Health Alliance Plan. Jonathan holds a bachelor’s in marketing from the University of Michigan and master’s in integrated marketing communications from Eastern Michigan University.

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9/11: Branding from the Inside Out for Growth

Learn what you can do to strengthen relationships with your branches that will ensure buy in from management, and thereby, gaining the support needed to sustain a successful business development program. Explore resources that can help you acquire new SEGs/community partners and penetrate existing SEGs/community partners. Discover how doing the “right” small things can make the biggest difference in business development partnerships. Learn new ways to create a partnership with branches to maximize loan opportunities.

Speaker: Celeste Cook is a keynote speaker as well as a consultant and trainer. She has worked in the credit union industry for 20+ years and has been a professional speaker and trainer for more than 15 years. Celeste is President/ CEO of cuStrategies, LLC, which provides consulting services and training programs to the credit union industry. She previously worked for a $1.6 billion credit union in Atlanta, Georgia and worked as a consultant with Rex Johnson of Lending Solutions Consulting.

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9/9: Internet Website Compliance

Websites are subject to the same federal consumer protection laws and regulations as other marketing channels. However, we see credit unions often overlook the compliance requirements applicable to websites. During this session, we will discuss the root causes of compliance not being fully considered in the website process as well as how to better integrate compliance into the process.

Risks associated with non-compliant websites have never been greater. There are an unprecedented number of regulatory compliance changes impacting credit unions and websites have not been spared. Examiners will be spending more time reviewing credit union websites for compliance as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ramps up its compliance initiatives. To help prepare you, we will describe the most common compliance violations we find on credit union websites. We will provide actual examples of compliance violations and explain how to correct them.

Regulations and regulatory requirements covered include the following:

  • Regulation Z;
  • Truth in Savings;
  • NCUA Insurance Advertising;
  • UDAAP;
  • Regulation B; and
  • Equal Housing Lending Logo.

Speaker: John Zasada is Principal in the Financial Institutions Group of LarsonAllen LLP. John is responsible for leading the regulatory compliance practice nationwide. John has 16 years’ experience assisting credit unions in complying with consumer protection regulations. The compliance services he provides includes assisting credit unions in establishing regulatory compliance programs, co-sourcing regulatory compliance, conducting compliance testing, training staff on credit union regulations, performing website compliance assessments, writing and editing the compliance newsletter, providing compliance webinars and BSA/AML/OFAC independent testing.

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9/4: Required Compliance for the Front Line    **90 Minutes**

This session will walk your front line staff though many of the annual regulatory requirements for training in 2014. It will focus on the frontline issues of the regulation and how they impact members. Your front line will get working knowledge of each regulation, its purpose, importance and general guidelines for compliance. From the front line to the bottom line, be in compliance and refresh your knowledge of the regulatory environment for the front line.

We will cover:

  • Complaint management under UDAAP;
  • Red Flags for Identity Theft;
  • BSA Issues: CIP, CTRs and detecting Red Flags for Money laundering;
  • Withholding issues: W-9 and W-8;
  • Red CC Holds;
  • Tisa – Caps TISA;
  • Error resolution for Reg E; and
  • New and pending frontline issues.

Speaker: Deborah Crawford is the President of Gettechnical, Inc., a Baton Rouge-based firm, specializing in the education of banks and credit unions across the nation.. Deborah’s specialty is in the deposit side of the financial institution where she teaches seminars on regulations, documentation, insurance and Individual Retirement Accounts.

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8/28: Putting the “Credit” Back into Credit Unions        ** 90 Minutes**

In the past three years, credit unions have become ‘savings institutions’. Loan portfolios have slackened, deposits have flowed in at sometimes breakneck speed and many borrowers have seen their credit scores decline reducing their ‘traditional’ creditworthiness. Credit union staff members have been so busy taking deposits, collecting loans, handling back office duties and meeting regulatory requirements that they may have taken their eye off the ball. Credit unions have been the traditional place where the common person can get a fair deal. During poor economic times, credit unions have been a place for borrowers to turn to get help. That’s what we were created for in the first place. How can we get back to that state of mind where “we are here to help people and make loans!”

This session will discuss the mind-set and practices needed to become a ‘Credit’ union once again and make lending your entire reason for existence. We will look at concepts, steps to products that might get you ‘back in the game’ when it comes to lending. Maybe you can make a difference…to your members, to your field of membership and to your community when they all need you the most.

Speaker: Tim Harrington has worked with credit unions in 48 states, two territories, Canada, and Mexico. His progressive idea and broad knowledge of credit unions has made Tim a valuable resource for credit unions nationwide. Tim has spoken to tens of thousands of credit union volunteers and staff and continues to inspire them to improve their credit unions

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8/26: UDAAP Trends

“UDAAP” could become the most significant term ever to affect credit union compliance. That sounds pretty bold, but consider that the CFPB has been given an almost-unlimited mandate under Dodd-Frank to “take any action…to prevent a covered person or service provider from committing or engaging in an Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Act or Practice under Federal law in connection with any transaction with a consumer for a consumer financial product or service, or the offering of a consumer financial product or service.”

Although the UDAAP standard seems new, we’ve actually been familiar with “UDAP” (just one ‘A’) for quite some time. That extra ‘A’, for ‘Abusive’, adds a new standard, however, and the CFPB is already active with enforcement actions (3 and counting so far).

What does all this mean to credit unions and the industry? At the very minimum, it means you must be familiar with what this new standard means for compliance and the risk management process. The rules of the game have changed, and technical compliance is no longer the only issue.

It means understanding what examiners are likely to focus on, including areas where a clear rule or regulation might not even apply. It’s a cultural shift in the regulatory function, and in this webinar we’ll discuss the meaning of UDAAP and how it will impact your credit union.

Covered Topics:

  • UDAP vs. UDAAP: what does the introduction of “abusive” really do?
  • This isn’t only a CFPB issues – it will affect ALL credit unions, regardless of regulator
  • “Abusive” standards: how will this be enforced?
  • Scope of UDAAP: products, services, delivery channels and methods
  • UDAAP examples: where should your focus be?
  • Emphasis on sales and marketing practices, and product management
  • Cultural change brought by UDAAP
  • What are the agencies looking for?
  • Areas where you wouldn’t even think to look
  • How to prepare your UDAAP program
  • What are the regulatory expectations? Evaluations, risk assessments, more?
  • Going beyond the program: changing the focus of your organization

Speaker: Carl Pry, a Senior Director of Treliant Risk Advisors, is a seasoned executive with banking law, corporate finance, and regulatory compliance experience in Fortune 500 institutions, regional banks and industry consulting firms. Carl advises clients on commercial compliance, fair lending, corporate treasury and risk management.

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