Distance Learning

DCUL offers distance learning opportunities through webinars and telephone conferences.

Please contact Bernadette Hines with any questions at bernadette@dcul.org or 302-322-9341.

Credit Union Webinar Network

         Credit Union Webinar Network


The Delaware Credit Union League is a primary resource for education for both credit union staff and volunteers in building the skills and knowledge required to keep credit unions competitive in the financial services industry. The creeping complexity of regulatory burden and the pressures of managing tight margins make it increasingly difficult for credit unions to ensure their staff and volunteers are well-informed. To help overcome these obstacles, the League includes distance learning opportunities among its many learning options.

Webinars, an important part of our overall training program, allow flexibility in training to meet the demands of a busy credit union; and the League has a long-term partnership with the Credit Union Webinar Network to deliver quality webinar training for credit union employees.

Eliminate the time and expense of travelling to training sessions by registering for a live webinar, presented in your own office. Or expand the value of the session by opting for the archived webinar – a recorded version available for six months after the live program date. As an added bonus, the archived option includes a FREE audio/visual CD ROM of the presentation, question and answer sessions, and program handouts. Use the archived webinar or this “off-the-shelf” training program for those that could not attend the live session or for future training.

In 2015, the League will enhance our partnership with the Credit Union Webinar Network with additional marketing and support for our Financial Education webinars. As a result, affiliated credit unions in Delaware will be able to participate in discounted programs, and we will be able to offer discounted archived sessions to our small asset sized credit unions.

Make sure you receive information on upcoming webinars!

Please verify that your credit union email system accepts mail from the following email addresses:

A simple way to do this is to add each of these email addresses to your Safe Senders list. You may have to contact your IT department to make mail system changes. Staff can manage their own email communications by selecting the webinar topics they would like to receive.  Then… watch your email for detailed information on upcoming webinars!

View the webinar schedule and access archived webinars

How to register for Financial Education Webinars:

  1. Follow instructions in the webinar announcement received, or
  2. Select from the list of available webinars found at https://dcul.fed.cuwebtraining.com. Please use this link to order live or archived webinars.
  3. Payments made by credit card will show Financial Education & Development, Inc. as the merchant name or transaction description.

When you register for a “live” 90-minute webinar:

  1. You will need one telephone and one internet connection (from a single computer terminal) to hear the audio and view online visuals, and the most current version of Adobe Reader (available free at www.adobe.com) to view/print handouts.
  2. All materials, including instructions, a toll-free number, passcode, and handouts will be emailed a week prior to the session.

When you select the on-demand link to an archived version of each webinar:

  1. You will receive an email with the archived webinar link, which will be available six business days after the live webinar and can be viewed anytime 24/7 for six months after the live program date.
  2. You will receive a FREE audio/visual CD-ROM which includes the presentation, question and answer sessions, and handouts, within 10 business days after the live webinar.

 Questions can be directed to DCUL@cuwebtraining.com

NorthLegal Webinars

NorthLegal Training and Publications (“NorthLegal”) is dedicated to providing the most accurate and current legal information possible for credit unions and other consumer lending institutions, to helping those institutions develop careful and practical procedures for complying with the laws that govern them, and to doing so with a minimum of legal jargon and in a way that is understandable.

NorthLegal Webinars allow you to train multiple employees for just $145 per internet connection. The webinars are 90 minutes long.
View the webinar schedule and access archived webinars

Quickbite Teleconferences

This training method allows unlimited listeners on your office speaker phone. Registrants** receive a toll-free number and pass code that will allow entrance to the teleconference. Seminar handouts will be sent prior to the session via e-mail along with dial-up instructions.

Registration is required 1 week prior to the teleconference. Take advantage of audio archive included with each registration available for 60 days after activation! All you need is a PC with Internet access, speakers or a headset.

 Cancellations are not accepted since audio archive is available for 60 days.

**You must be registered for the session to hear the audio-recorded version and receive handouts.

Download January Quickbite Brochure


Live Date Session Cost Time
1/06 20 Outbound Marketing Tips for Every Credit Union $99 11:00 -  12:00
1/8 Obamacare for Credit Unions $99 11:00 – 12:00
1/13 Reg CC $169 11:00 – 1:00
1/21 Mortgage & Real Estate Fraud $99 11:00 – 12:00
1/29 Identifying Loan Opportunities $99 11:00 – 12:00