Counterfeit Cop

The Counterfeit Cop™ is now available from Delaware League Services! The Counterfeit Cop™ is designed to help reduce the risk of counterfeit loss. It is an electronic device that employs both ultra violet and incandescent light technology to help detect counterfeit currency, altered and fake ID’s, fake driver’s and pilot’s licenses, fake money orders, travelers checks, and passports, reproduced government and personal checks, fake INS documents, checks on security paper and more.

The Counterfeit Cop™ can confirm genuine documents that include the use of special papers, polymer threads, imbedded holograms, fluorescent inks and hidden watermarks. In addition, the Counterfeit Cop™ is easy to use and takes up very little space. All you need is a single standard outlet and minimal training.

The Counterfeit Cop™ sells for as high as $169.00, but the Delaware League price is discounted to just $69.95! To order visit Counterfeit Cop™ online.